Online Toll Services for the Baltic States

As of now, DKV customers can obtain the various vignettes for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania online or by smartphone via the A-Toll web portal and settle the toll fees cash free via DKV using the Postpay procedure.


The toll charges are billed via DKV and shown transparently in the DKV invoice. The vignettes are completely digital and the toll control takes place at the border stations and toll control posts in the interior of the respective country exclusively by checking the number plates. In Estonia and Latvia, all the vehicles over 3.5 tons have to pay tolls, in Lithuania all trucks and buses. The Baltic states play an important role for transit traffic from and to Russia. In order to get access to the A-toll web portal, DKV customers need to register via DKV. Once their account has been established, one or more users of a company can be given access to the web portal placing orders. Furthermore, drivers can be given a restricted access via smartphone app. The vignettes are available as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual vignettes. Via A-Toll web portal the user remains informed about the status of his vignettes at all times. If a new vignette is needed, a reminder will be sent in good time