In collaboration with Ares Credit Management, Affinity offers specialist expertise in the collection of outstanding debts, helping to improve the working lives of our customers.


Ares’ Debt Collection Executives are professional commercial collection employees who have all received the highest level of in-depth training in debt collection and account management. They understand the impact that customer confrontations have on the business and as such act in a commercial manner at all times. They also continually assess each debtor’s ability to pay and ensure that a realistic repayment schedule is agreed and kept to.

Why do I need a debt management company?

In an economic crisis the risk of your customers not paying you increases significantly. The best way to avoid the issue of non-payment is to either not offer any credit, which is not practical in a business sense, or to make sure you contact your customers in a timely and frequent manner. However, for most SME’s, chasing your customers for late payments is a chore and adds no value to your business – since this is simply trying to be paid for the work already carried out. With this in mind, many businesses are turning to a more effective and efficient approach to debt collecting, which will then allow the business owners to further develop their business and add true value. This process will also help cash flow and reduce the risk that customers will not pay at all. This can be achieved by outsourcing your debt collection services to an established and professional commercial debt collection agent.