A flexible and reliable fuel card covering the whole of Europe


ats-dkv-partnerAs an official partner of DKV Euro Service we are delighted to be able to offer the services of the award winning DKV Card to transport companies in Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova and the Baltics.

Choosing a DKV card will not only help you to reduce your fleets fuel costs, but it will also help save on resources by eliminating the unnecessary administrative and processing burdens – easing the pressure on both your company’s time and finances!

  • Accepted in over 54,000 services stations, across 42 European countries!
  • Efficient settlement of toll charges!
  • Cash-free payment of services and vehicle equipment!
  • Immediate VAT refund (net vinvoicing)!
  • Fuel Tax refunds from Belgium, France & Slovenia and now Spain!
  • Real time reporting, providing better control!
  • Simple and transparent billing!
  • 24 hour breakdown service!

Advantages of using the DKV Card

Fuel Plus

The DKV card is welcome across an extensive network of filling stations throughout Europe. This means, unlike other fuel cards providers, your drivers will not have to deviate off route to find a station that accepts their card!

  • High competitive fuel prices
  • Largest network of filling stations in Europe
  • Refuelling services in over 40 countries
  • A highly secure payment procedure
  • Set limits of fuel purchases, per vehicle and day


Toll Plus

Remove the annoyance of having to save receipts and carry cash and allow the DKV card to do all the work for you.

  • Pay motorway tolls, tunnel charges, bridge tolls and ferry crossing fees without the need of cash
  • Travel non-stop through more than 20 countries
  • Clear and concise invoicing – one invoice for all your European charges


Service Plus

As a DKV Card holder, you can call upon the services of the DKV Truck Service. The 24/7 roadside service is available across 32 countries. With a comprehensive breakdown network in place the DKV Card can help get your vehicle back on the road quickly and in the best possible condition.

  • International 24 hour emergency breakdown service
  • Tyre and repair services, recovery and rescue
  • Vehicle cleaning service
  • Customs clearance service

Info Plus

Utilise a host of sophisticated online services that will help you plan the most efficient journey, both financially and environmentally!

  • Customised reports
  • Detailed analysis of toll transactions
  • Irregularities exposed immediately
  • Notification of anomalies by email
  • Determine the average fuel consumption of vehicles, including costs per Km
  • Comprehensive overview of vehicle CO2 emissions


Route planning

  • Station finder
  • Latest diesel prices (updated daily)
  • Diesel price comparisons throughout Europe
  • Application to plan trips in advance to identify the most efficient routes
    • Toll tariff and calculator
    • Refuelling guidance
    • Most suitable routes


Business Plus

The DKV card offers a VAT reclaim service, which provides you with a simple, efficient way of reclaiming the VAT on your foreign purchases.

  • 14-day invoicing system
  • Vehicle –based cost control and fuel consumption analysis
  • Net Invoicing Program (NIP) for foreign VAT refunds
    • Invoices paid net of VAT!