Affinity Transport Solutions GPS solutions enables its user to monitor the daily activities of their fleet, providing fast and easy access to each vehicle’s location and performance – enabling greater efficiency in managing your business

The benefits of fleet monitoring with TrackGPS:

  • Active control of the fleet by tracking in real time the activity of the entire fleet
  • Significantly reduce fuel costs by detecting and removing fuel theft and personal journeys
  • Lifetime extension and reduced usage of the fleet as result of removing the cases of excessive speed
  • Reduce operational costs by fleet ( 15-25% ) by removing downtime, efficient allocation of trucks on the road and reducing parts costs and service through a rational use of fleet

NEW : TrackGPS system used for Hungary toll payment

We provide the eTollTRK device that can be integrated into , at a competitive price that includes installation and 24 months subscription.
The benefits of using eTollTRK to pay tolls in Hungary:

  • Cash free payment using the DKV card ( under a pre-pay system the device can be uploaded with an amount you consider being sufficient ), thus obtaining a credit period until settlement of the DKV invoice
  • Saving time by avoiding stationing in Hungary for the purchase of relational ticket for a predefined trip
  • Easily change of route in Hungary, avoiding the risk of transit through Hungary without paying road tax on certain portions of the road (as it is the case when paying a relational ticket a predefined route)