Helping-you-along-your-journeyIf you’re tired of the obstacles and time wasted in obtaining a loan, then it’s time to contact Affinity Transport Solutions to discuss how we can help you overcome and manage this financial headache for you.

Through our Affinity Lite scheme we have designed a DKV Card package that is aimed at specifically helping new and small businesses, as well as assisting companies overcome credit application difficulties.

Affinity Lite – making credit difficulties a thing of the past:

  • Utilise a tailored credit offering (18 days payment terms)
  • Remove the need to use cash on your journeys
  • Eliminate the barriers faced when applying for credit
  • Manage and grow your business more efficiently

The DKV Card

  • Cash-free payment of services and vehicle equipment
  • Accepted in over 54,000 services stations, across 42 European countries
  • Efficient settlement of toll charges
  • VAT refund (net invoicing)
  • Simple and transparent billing